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4-Month Complete Wellness Program

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4-Month Complete Wellness Program


Living a healthy lifestyle is a balancing act that most of us get frustrated with at one point or another. The results are not getting there fast enough, the will or motivation gets lost in translation, there’s not “enough time in the day”, we may not be eating the right foods.  The list can go on.

The good news is that by going back to the basics, you CAN regain control of your health and feel like a brand new you. We are talking about building the foundations for a life that can take you to places you’ve only dreamt of.



 4 Month Complete Wellness Program

For burnt out, overwhelmed, women/men who want to live life to the fullest and reclaim their body and mind, once and for all.

Nowadays it’s very difficult to find the balance between staying healthy and in shape while also taking care of our mental wellness.

That’s why going back to the FOUR PILLARS of wellness and health is so important. By learning these four pillars not only will you have the tools to make drastic changes in your life, but you will also learn to maintain yourself in a constant flow of well-being.  

Learn to take care of the four M’s of Health: Your Mindset, Your Metabolism, Your Movement, Your Maintenance – and you will learn to provide yourself with a life full of wellness and longevity.

There are so many fad diets and programs out there that teach new and improved ways of getting your life back together, but the truth is that the answer to true healthy living is solidifying your basic understanding and then building off of that.

So, join me – for a complete transformation!

  • Regain control of your mindset.
  • Understand your metabolism and inner workings.
  • Find joy in movement.
  • And maintain a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your years.


It's a proven fact - the people who manage to are gained with the proper knowledge on how to eat healthy are those who change their lifestyle for good, and a super-important part of that is understanding the basics of obtaining a healthy lifestyle.  

1)    Look and Feel Amazing.

2)    Experience feeling fulfilled, satiated, and nourished while still eating delicious foods.

3)    Have stable moods and long-lasting energy.

4)    And confidence and empowerment from knowing that you are making the right choices for your health and wellness.

Let’s get back to the basics.

Learn how to eat healthy, change your mindset, restore your gut health and balance your hormones naturally!


It's all about how we see health and view life.

●      Eating healthy, fresh, and natural foods isn't a punishment for the life you've led until now - it's an investment in your future.

●      Fresh, nutrient-packed fruits, vegetables, and lean meats aren't boring and tasteless - they're food the way it's meant to be enjoyed, without all the processing, additives, added sugar, artificial flavors and preservatives crammed in.

●      Movement is critical for body and mind – it isn’t punishment for your body, and it has many benefits from finally feeling energetic and your sleep can also improve.

●      Taking time for you isn’t selfish, it’s vital self-care!

If you change your mindset, you can improve your body, your health, and your life.

●      Get your health back and get unstuck.

●      Feel strong, powerful and rejuvenated once and for good.

●      Get wellness into your soul.

To change your life, you need to change your mindset and understand the four pillars of health.

You need to get to a mental state where you understand what’s good for your body and choose to embrace it.

What qualifies me to help you?


Laura Villanueva is an up-and-coming wellness & nutrition expert teaching women how to discover effective ways to become the healthiest version of themselves. Laura’s refreshing new approach to nutrition and healthy living have inspired many to make positive healthy lifestyle changes.

Nutrition and wellness writer, content creator, and author of Refresh Recharge Refuel Cookbook. Laura is also the creator of several online programs, which includes Premier 31 Day Healthy Eating Guide, The Wellness Simplified Quick Start Guide and Laura’s 10-day Wellness Challenge. In 2019, Laura founded La Villa Skincare Collection, a holistic, vegan, and cruelty-free skincare line. After graduating magna cum laude from Purdue University, Laura founded her nutrition and wellness website. After obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition Science, Laura continued her studies where she completed several certifications in holistic nutrition, sports nutrition, weight management specialist, nutrition & wellness consultant, and health & wellness coaching. Laura is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Applied Nutrition.

Laura Villanueva uses her own journey to explain how others can heal their bodies through proper nutrition and the incorporation of wellness techniques. She inspires readers through her serene way of living. Laura is an avid student of the Kriya Yoga Technique. Villanueva has dedicated her life to inspire others to develop a healthy lifestyle that promotes wellness, kindness, healing, cultivating gratitude, and self-reflection.

You can transform the way you look and feel, by changing the way you think and understand the way your body works!  

The 4 Month Complete Wellness Program will get you on the right track to changing your relationship your own body and mind for the rest of your life!

If you sign up for the 4 Month Complete Wellness Program now, you will get:

●      4 Value Packed Guides/Modules (One for each month) Informative amazing content.

●      Delicious recipes, each with delicious suggested meals and a shopping list to make life easier for you! (16 Week Meal Plan). 70+Recipes.

●      In-depth mindset work and daily self-care habits.

●      Simple exercise suggestions for the busy person.

●      Your personal food diary to hold yourself accountable during and after the program.

●      Bonus #1: How to Stay Motivated to Work Out Your Body Guide.

●      Bonus #2: Learn to Destress in this Busy and Modern World Guide.


Don’t you sometimes feel like you’re just a zombie, going through life on auto-pilot without the ability to appreciate yourself nor the present?

By resetting your mindset and embracing a healthy lifestyle, you’ll discover:

●     More energy.

●     Improved health.

●     A stronger immune system.

●     Clearer, brighter hair, skin, and eyes.

●     More comfort in your own skin.

●     Fewer aches and pains.

●     No more constant, excessive bloating and gas.

●     And most important - you’ll discover a new, more positive and mindful way of looking at the world!

 Join my 4 Month Complete Wellness Program now and get your life back on track once and for all!

This program is an EBOOK Digital Download only. You will not receive a hard copy.